Good quality
starts at the source


Quality is a priority in our world of vegetable production. This discipline encompasses everything from clients’ specific product specifications to implementation and maintenance of international quality standards, far-reaching food security issues, daily quality control and supplier visits.

The way we work is structured in such a way that we can support our suppliers and take care of everything for our clients as far as product quality and food safety are concerned. A state-of-the-art traceability system is the common thread that runs through our supply chain. Modern scanning and reporting systems ensure efficient capture of vital data, providing an insight into important information about product, supplier and buyer at any time.

Quality control

At Van Oers United, we focus on client specifications in addition to our own quality standards. It requires a great deal of dedication and solid expertise to meet the different criteria. Our quality control team uses a sophisticated quality control system in which efficient coordination with suppliers and buyers is essential. This system has developed over the years at Van Oers United and enables us to deliver a bespoke service to our buyers. Corporate visits to our suppliers are a vital part of that and as such, these are conducted with great regularity to ensure an efficient exchange of knowledge and agreement of specifications.

Food safety

The food safety of our products is paramount and is the top priority of our advanced quality control system.
Obviously, cultivation expertise is a prerequisite for managing this specific area effectively. With production activities locally and overseas, our specialists understand the art of cultivating a full-flavoured, healthy product better than anyone does. We regularly hold workshops at which European techniques and knowledge of resources and applications are discussed. A 15-year collection of historical data means our coding and classification system (unique cultivation unit), coupled with a residue monitoring system, provides optimal governance of which we are proud.

Certification and safeguarding quality

Van Oers United represents quality and does all it can to guarantee this. For example, we ensure we have sufficient knowledge and expertise available to serve suppliers and clients optimally. All our products are compliant with the required certifications. These are maintained through continual monitoring and by means of internal audits. Meeting the highest standards, client requirements, legislative and regulatory requirements is a continuous process. We actually go one step further at Van Oers United! Since we believe prevention is better than cure, we closely monitor legislation, regulations, prospective standards and any changes to risk profiles. That way, we and our business partners are not caught unawares.