Efficient in-house
chain management


Today’s market demands an excellent logistics service in which planning of the loading and offloading schedule plays a crucial role: getting the right products to the right place in the right way. We are able to offer this service thanks to our distribution facility in Ridderkerk, which is fully equipped with its own vehicle fleet. This allows us to respond quickly and offer an optimal service in terms of planning and delivery. In-house transport facilities have proven to be the best way for us to excel in the availability and freshness of our products.

Our exceptionally rapid and closed cool chain forms the basis for top quality on the store shelves. The cooling and processing facilities of our own production companies and those of production partners, together with our logistics service, assure the appropriate conditioning for timely availability and optimal freshness of products. Quality is monitored and registered throughout the whole process. This makes the process clear and transparent throughout.


Our Logistics department is very internationally oriented. In addition to many logistics movements within Europe, they also provide many transits from the African continent. The organisation of transportation with the required documentation and information is extremely valuable in the chain. This information stream is utilised optimally, because our logistics department is involved in the total supply chain, from cultivation to client. Our vehicle fleet is equipped with a Track & Trace system, which enables us to receive up-to-date information and to act quickly.

Sustainability is a priority for Van Oers United. We therefore take into account Co2 emissions and aim to get our products to their destination in a way that is as sustainable as possible. It is therefore important to plan transportation of the products as efficiently as possible. Our organisation has achieved Lean & Green certification.

In addition to sustainable transportation, Van Oers United believes it is important to produce and process its products in a sustainable and socially responsible way. You can find more information about this here.


We receive, register, process and distribute our products at our main site in Ridderkerk on a daily basis. We accommodate the special requirements of clients, such as packaging options and product specifications, in this process.

Van Oers United utilises different temperature zones that are monitored continually. This monitoring contributes to optimal shelf life of the product.

Our products are often shipped directly to clients from Van Oers United’s other sites, namely Dinteloord, Wervershoof and Heerle. The intensive cooperation between these sites is a good example of chain management by Van Oers United.