Continuous Flexibility


Van Oers United’s packaging department is characterised by its ability to offer customised service. Our specialist packing station is able to respond to client preference quickly and to ensure our vegetables receive the right treatment. Since we keep all processes in-house and have access to a closed cool chain, we are able to achieve the highest possible returns through speed of the chain. This forms the basis for a tip top and fresh end product with the desired appearance and coding.

Packaging options

We offer a wide range of packaging options and can pack products according to your requirements. Whether your preference is for flowpacks, sealed packs, net packaging, “foodtainers”, stand-up pouch bags or anything else, we offer you a choice.

You can find the packaging options for each product in the section on our range.

Ready to cook

Ready to cook end products offer ease and convenience. Van Oers United also supplies a number of ready to cook options. In particular, trimmed, trimmed and chopped beans, trimmed helda beans and washed Brussels sprouts are important product lines. Thanks to large production volumes of these products, we have the unique ability to select the most optimal specification for the processed variant. This ultimately produces the best and most appealing end product.


Van Oers United has a considerable packaging capacity. This is a big advantage in respect of promotions and store promotions when peak volumes need to be processed. We believe it is important to package as close to delivery as possible to achieve optimal freshness for you. All processes, from cultivation to delivery to the client, are controlled and governed internally. This also guarantees traceability, even during the packaging process. The cool chain is maintained entirely throughout the packaging process.